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How to desribe myself. Well, i'm a nearly 30 single mum from Blackpool, the land of drunken weekend stag and hen nights and Roy Chubby Brown shows. I love tattoos and and in the middle of what I hope will turn into a kick ass back piece, to go along with my right outer calf, my quarter sleeve (which is also, not quite finished) and my foot. I'm a history geek, and will be starting a degree in classics in October this year, just for fun. I particularly love the Mythologies of ancient cultures, particularly the Egyptian, Greek and Celtic (Irish esp.) cultures. I'll read anything about mythology, and I love learning something new. I also love British history, and the way it's shaped the nation in which I live, I love the land, the architecture, the art, the oral traditions. I love learning how it connects to the world beyond it's small borders. I love our Royal Family, it rocks hard. I'm an avid, almost obsessive reader, and believe that if someone has put the time into writing something, the least they deserve is a comment, a smile or a wave and a bit of kindness. I'll do anything for anyone, and I love to help people, even if it's just a word of support, or a willingness to listen.

I have a rabid hatred of cruelty and nasty attitudes, to the point that I get irate on other's behalves. I hate conflict, but I'm technically a geordie, so I can be fiery too. (For those who are lucky enough to have gone through their life so far without finding out, us Geordies are fiery beggars. With wicked accents, although mine disappeared not long after my first words!)

I love Harry Potter, particularly the next Generation slice of the HP Fandom. I write Harry Potter fanfiction, again, mainly next gen, although there's occaisonal Canon charater than comes under my quill, poor sods. I enjoy writing and reading dark fics, kink fics, slash, het, fluff, angst,; I'll read it all! :D I enjoy taking part in fests and the like, and love to give and recieve feedback and hugs. Love the hugs!
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